Welcome to HumanKnd Photography, the collective dream of Kristi and Monica

"Friends” is such a weak description for the deep-rooted, profound friendship we have found in each other, soul mates is more like it.  We have Instagram to thank for us meeting each other over two years ago, and the late Wow Air to thank for our meeting in real life in March 2019. Our lives are currently separated by 3,800 miles of ocean and land but until the day when we are in the same state, we are HumanKnd in MI, USA and Peterborough, UK. 


People are our passion. Kndness is our vision. HumanKnd is so much more to us than just a job. For us, its about the stories, your stories. Our style of photography is documentary/reportage. We want to capture your beautiful moments as they unfold. 

Kristi + Monica 

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