Fourteen Photographs

I believe that narrative photographic projects have great power. The power to start a conversation, to provoke curiosity and emotion. 

In August 2018 I created an exhibition called 'Fourteen Photographs'. I worked with fourteen local women to demonstrate strength, ambition and empowerment. I captured a portrait of each woman which accompanied a hand written letter to their younger self. These were displayed alongside each other. The letters were all handwritten because, like a fingerprint, each one is unique. The letters gave each photograph depth – an insight into the photograph’s subject and a powerful connection to those reading and looking. I embarked on this project to show depth and a sense of empowerment through women.

In the fast paced world we live, it is easy to lose sight of the strength we provide each other as women. Through fourteen photographs I wanted to showcase strength, ambition and empowerment. I hope that Fourteen photographs was just a small step in allowing our stories to be seen and to showcase the everyday inspirational women. 


This is an ongoing project, and hopefully one day, a book. So, if you would like to be involved and write a letter to your younger self,  please get in touch OR if you would prefer to email a letter and photograph then please email it to

 - Kristi

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