Be creative in the kitchen.

Cooking and baking are essential, because we all still have to eat. So why not get creative? Find new recipes or make an old one you used to love. Call up grandma and ask her for that one cookie recipe that's been passed down through generations. Experiment with the ingredients you have in your cupboard and you might be surprised when you create a new staple dish for your family.

The kids really love it when I spend extra time in the morning making them "fun food"...sometimes it's teddy bear toast or a sea-life scene. Use whatever you have in the house that could resemble something the kids would think is fun, using waffles or pancakes or toast as the main "body" part.

And we happen to have a stash of boxed cake mixes and brownie mixes and tons of freezer food we haven't used yet. Now is the time. Make a cake just because or celebrate someone's birthday even though you can't be with them. Use up that ground beef in a few different dishes. Teach the kids to cook nice meals.

These times are hard, but don't forget to be grateful for what you still have. And don't forget that mental health is so important, so make sure to look after yours by practicing self-care everyday, even if that just means being still and taking deep breaths and letting go of things you can't control. We will all get through this together, by staying home, staying kind, staying safe and staying sane.