Desiring to tell the story of love and capture the real moments you'll cherish forever.


Hello, I'm Monica! I'm the other half of HumanKnd and I'm based in Michigan, USA. Photography has been my passion for as long as I can remember, but I took it to a professional level in 2011, and although the documentary style is newer to me, it's quickly become my favorite. My goal is to make you feel comfortable and free in front of the camera, so the images can capture the emotions and passion between you, at the location of your choice. Get ready to be yourself and most importantly, have fun!

What does photography mean to me?

Over the years, it's transformed from being my job, to being my passion, and my passion is to bring emotion and depth into the photos you receive. Photography has the power to change the world, to create movement, to hold moments in time that someday might become treasures you hold close to you. When I stand behind that camera, I desire to tell a story that'll keep retelling itself for years to come. 

Is this your full-time business? 

I am currently a full time mom and a part time dreamer, photographer and blogger. In the summer, my weekends are booked solid with photo sessions and I love that! Although it's not a full time thing right now, I still put my full heart in it, and look forward to when Kristi and I will be in the same place, doing this full time!

How would you describe you style?

I used to be that girl that stood behind the camera, making sure everything was perfect and posed. I got so stressed out and burned out from that after years and years that I took a whole year off and found some perspective. Life is messy, it isn't perfect, so why should the photos on your wall be "perfect" in the sense that everyone is looking and everyone is sitting straight? It shouldn't! My style is BE YOURSELF, laugh and giggle and be silly and don't look at the camera and do whatever you please...because as long as you're being YOU, I can create some magic :) 

Do I have a photography degree?

No, I am a self-taught photographer who is constantly learning and chasing the light!