Paint on the window.

If you just happen to have acrylic paint in your house, and some brushes, you're in for some fun. Pour a selection of colors onto separate parts of a plate and mix a tiny bit of dish soap with each color.


I used my slider door in the kitchen, but you can use any window in your house. Wash it first so there isn't any grime, and make sure to think what picture you're going to paint. We did a rainbow because that's the #LetsAllBeWell thing that is sweeping across Europe. Our rainbow on our window is a sign of hope for all of us as we are staying inside, and staying well.

Paint a simple rainbow, or go ahead an paint a whole mural...either way, paint! And have fun! Let the kids dip their hands in the mixed paint and have them put their handprints all over the windows. Get creative, the dishsoap will allow an easier removal when you want to wash it off later.