Modern and relaxed.  Focusing on Emotions and Storytelling.


Hi! Im Kristi, one half of Humanknd and I am based in Peterborough, UK. From a very young age, you would catch me with a camera in my hand. From my parents 35mm film point and shoot to my current camera (5d mkii). I have always been inspired by people. The everyday pure moments are the ones that hold such significance.


There maybe or may not be questions you have thought about asking your photographer, so below is a little q&a to allow you to get to know me a little better. 

What does photography mean to me?

Authenticity. Photography is such a powerful art form. I delight in the power that a single photograph can have. 

Growing up, I had a deep sense of shyness. I would often hide under my nans skirt if we were out.

I played a lot of sport growing up, especially football, so my outlet would be often be something creative or sporty. These things were, for me, like my voice. 

Is this your full-time business? 

Currently this not not my full time business. I currently work for a charity called CHUMS. CHUMS is an emotional and wellbeing service for children and young people. I work within the incredible REC (recreational) team. I deliver a football based programme to children and young people with challenging and or mental health struggles. For me, this question doesn't define my dedication to photography. Just because the photographer is not a 'full time one', it doesn’t mean they they are any less a photographer, but honestly, you can see someone’s level of professionalism from their website, social media accounts and testimonials. 

How would you describe you style?

Hopefully you would have looked through the portfolio so you should have some idea about our, my style. My non intrusive approach allows you to relax and enjoy the session. 

Do I have a photography degree?

I do not have a degree but I do have a diploma.