Picture this, you've just been to everyone's favorite Swedish watering hole, IKEA. You're driving home and you've hit traffic. You've been stuck in traffic for while so what do you do? plan and get married, in SIX weeks' time! with that said, let me introduce you to Stewart and Alice.

I started at the couple's incredibly artistic, characterful home in Oakham, Rutland. It was like a little slice of the TATE, but so much better and I got a free cup of tea. I was obsessed with everything about their house, the people, the interior and the art, especially this Louise Bourgeois embroidered cloth handkerchief.

❝ The secret to blending families is… There is no secret. It's scary and awesome and ragged and perfect and always changing. Love and laugh hard, try again tomorrow, but that's life advice, right?

- Mir Kamin

Stewart and Alice have five children between them, from previous relationships. Five charming, beautiful, and unique young men. This day was not only about Stewart and Alice's commitment to each other, but a celebration of two families coming together.

Let me tell you something about Stewart, he loves a spreadsheet. He is also very laid back. The night before the big day, I sent him a message about the wedding and he told me that he hadn't even written his speech yet. Stewart and the boys left for the venue where my second shooter, my Dad, Simon followed. (don't panic, he is a photographer and the best company so its a win win!)


The venue was the historic Oakham Castle. The Castle is known for its collection of massive horseshoes and is also recognized as one of the best examples of domestic Norman architecture in England. In Rutland, all horseshoes are hung with their tips at the bottom, which some people consider to be upside down and bad luck. There are several reasons given for hanging them this way including, so that the devil cannot make a nest in the bottom of the horseshoe and so that luck falls from the horseshoe and is bestowed on those that walk beneath it.

Thea Maund was the incredible Harpist. Alice's sister, Emily, read 'A Voice From I Don’t Know Where' by Mary Oliver and another reading from Stewart's friend, Jason. After the ceremony, everyone congregated outside the castle for a blessing and readings. Alice's Dad lead the blessing and his excitment and reaction was a beautiful sight. There were also readings from the bride and groom and their mothers.

Weddings are of course about the BIG moments, the first look, first kiss but its also about those little, in-between moments that make the day authenticity yours. Each and every family have stories woven through them. Stories of joy, laughter, happiness but also loss and heartbreak. And, its in those moments that we are connected, fully, wholeheartedly connected.



Elizabeth Clare Make up Artist

Thea Maund Harpist

Oakham Castle Wedding Ceremony

Castle Cottage Cafe Wedding Breakfast/Reception

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