Here at HumanKnd Co. we pride ourselves on capturing the emotion and real moments. It's our hope that you see your photos and feel something each time.

Spending time with Sarah and Paul this past week was a beautiful experience. We got to venture around Provin Trails with their dog, Duke, and then we captured the beautiful golden hour in downtown Grand Rapids. They are such a beautiful couple and their love story proves that they are a perfect match.

My favorite moments as their photographer were getting to see them laugh and kiss and be truly themselves, together. I know Paul as Dusty, and we go way back to our young school years and cross country, and it's a honor to get to see him again, this time, with the love of his life. Still the same Dusty I knew from way back, with his beautiful bride by his side as they embrace love and life together and bring out the best in each other. When I asked Paul to whisper in Sarah's ear, seeing that genuine laughter was heartwarming and you couldn't help but laugh and smile with her. We are definitely looking forward to documenting their beautiful wedding in 2021.


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