So, how did you meet?

A lot of people have a lot of opinions about social media. For me, I am so very grateful, especially for Instagram. Why? I hear you wonder. Because that is where I met my best friend. The definition of best friend is defined as a person's closest friend. That definition, I believe, does not do it justice. Not even close. excuse the pun!

We go or grow through life looking for those that we are 'attracted' to. The souls that connect us together, that laugh together, that do everything together. I read an article once that said, people come into our lives for a reason, a season and a lifetime. As we get older, we understand that better. We have a better grasp on friendships and how, that with life, and when life happens, people lose touch. Those once solid friendships start to deteriorate. I know how dramatic that all sounds but do you ever think about what you are left with? You are left with memories. You are left with an imprint on your fibres, forever. And thats ok. Those fibres are what help to shape who we are, who we become.

Later in life, I say later, I am only 29! I have one friend that I still consider a 'close friend' from school. School, for me, ended nearly 14 years ago. In those 14 years, I have made friends and lost friends. The one thing that never happened in those 14 years, I never found a 'best friend'. And thats ok. I can hear people saying awwwwww. But it is ok. The one thing I did find in those years was a family. I got married and we have two beautiful children. They say 'marry your best friend' and yes, I did do that. If you look at the definition again 'a person's closest friend' Jake, my husband, is the one closest to me. We have been through everything together and we love each other more than life itself. But there is definitely a distinction between your husband and your best friend.

Fast forward to January 2019. I had been following Monica on Instagram for a while. We would exchange 'likes' 'comments' and the occasional DM (direct messages) In January we began talking more frequently. We discovered that we were/are that similar we could have almost been separated at brith.

Our initial connection was based via a iPhone screen as Monica lives in Michigan, USA and I live in Peterborough, UK. We had talked a lot about hopefully meeting someday. 'Someday' whatever that meant. My husband and I planned that we would go out in September as a family. A couple of weeks before my birthday (march 27th) Monica was acting weird. A high on life weird. She told me that she had had lots of coffee. ok, I said. Never thought anything about it until I came home and my husband was being weird too. She told me she wanted to show me this video on Youtube.

This was the video......